Academic Space

General use classroom space is managed by Enrolment Services.

The Scientia Web Room Booking tool (WRB) allows faculty and staff to request General Use classroom space at UBC Okanagan campus. Access to WRB is limited to departmental staff who are responsible for booking academic-ad hoc and administrative bookings only.

The UBCO Online Timetable Web Server can be used to search for classroom availability.

UBCO 2023W-2024S Online Timetable Web Server

Academic space requests

Faculty and staff must submit general use classroom space booking requests through their approved Web Room Booker (WRB) department designate.

WRB access requests

A maximum of two people from each Department may be granted access to the web room booking tool. Approval by the appropriate department admin is required.

To apply for access, fully complete the UBCO Academic Ad Hoc Booking Request Access form. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Booking priority and timeline

The priority use of space at UBC is for academic credit courses approved by Senate and includes Lecture, Lab, seminar, Discussion, Experiential, Workshop etc. related to credit courses.

Once academic scheduling is complete, space becomes available for ad hoc use (see Policy UP9 – Booking and Rental of UBC Space).

Requests for space will be reviewed, processed and confirmed based on the timeline below.

  • Requests received prior to the timeline below will not be reviewed.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.


Booking timeline for General Classroom Space


(8:00 AM – 6:30 PM)

September to December – Winter Term 1
August Mid May

After the Academic Schedule is published

December (Exam Period) November November
January to April – Winter Term 2
December November
April (Exam Period) March March
May to June – Summer Term 1
March March
June (Exam Period) Mid May Mid May
 July to August* – Summer Term 2
March March
* Late August
2 weeks prior to Labour Day
Mid-April Mid-April
August (Exam Period)
Mid-July Mid-July