Other space

Explore additional spaces on campus. See below for administration details.

Creative and Critical Studies Building (CCS)

Departments who wish to inquire about foyer space in the CCS building should make requests for space in Outlook. These spaces need approval based on specific requirements before they are confirmed for ad hoc or non-academic use. Typically space is not available during the academic year (September–April) and has limited availability May–August.

All CCS room inquiries should be directed to the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies fccs.ubco@ubc.ca.

Reichwald Health Sciences Centre (RHS)

The following groups can use UBC FoM rooms for their events, in the order of priority 1-6:

  1. UBC FoM MD undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development education and administrative activities in support of the same.
  2. UBC FoM health and sciences education and University-based health sciences education not covered in First priority.
  3. UBC FoM-associated research programs.
  4. Health authority administrative and related activities such as Telehealth.
  5. UBC student-initiated programs (UBC Policy #97).
  6. Community and other activities as per UBC and Health authority policies

Contact: 250-807-9651

For more information please visit the website: http://facilities.med.ubc.ca.

UNC106 (Student Union Theatre)

The theatre is located on the first floor of UNC, beside the Used Bookstore.

  • Tiered theatre room seats up to 80
  • Includes a projector, screen, DVD player and sound.

This space is managed by the SUO. For details, see Students’ Union UBC Okanagan.

Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space

The Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space in the University Centre was created to welcome the diverse spiritual and multi-faith practices of UBC’s Okanagan campus community. This is one of the places on campus where students, faculty and staff can meet to express their spirituality and faith in a relaxed and private setting.

  • Located in University Centre (UNC328)
  • May be booked for use Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

This space is managed by Health and Wellness.