Boardrooms and meeting rooms

How to book

  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms are moderated by departments/units below
  • Open to bookings until April 30, 2024 by faculty and staff
  • Book using the Outlook calendar system


Room No. Capacity Amenities Outlook Room Address Department/Unit
ADM101 26 LCD Projector, Telephone, Video Conferencing UBCO-OKVC R-RM ADM101 Office of the Principal and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
CCS322 10 Phone available, Videoconferencing, No AV; Available only during work days UBCO-OKCD R-RM CCS 322 FCCS Boardroom Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
ART276 10–12 LCD projector, phone, IT connections, Video Conferencing UBCO-OKMD R-RM ART 276 University Relations
EME2124 14 Video Conference / Meeting Room UBCO-OKMD R-RM EME 2124 Faculty of Management
EME3112 12 Video conferencing (Blue Jeans – 2 screens) Multi-space room for meeting area’s for 4 or 12 people; Available only during work days UBCO-OKEO R-RM EME 3112 Education
EME3284 10 Teleconferencing meeting room; Available only during work days UBCO-OKAS R-RM EME3284 School of Engineering
EME4116 25–32 Video Conference / Meeting Room. Available only during work days. UBCO-OKMD R-RM EME 4116 Faculty of Management
EME4143 12 Dean’s Conference Room, Video screen, A/V UBCO-OKMD R-RM EME 4143 Faculty of Management
EME4218 20 Video Conference / Meeting Room UBCO-OKAS R-RM EME4218 School of Engineering
EME4289 12 Meeting Room UBCO-OKAS R-RM EME4289 School of Engineering
FIP337 8 WestGrid Collaboration Room Video Conference – Blue Jeans / Teleconferencing UBCO-OKIT R-RM Fipke 337 IT, Media & Classroom Services
SCI331 16–20 Video Conference, for instructional purposes; Not available for external groups UBCO-OKTL R-RM SCI331 Centre for Teaching & Learning
SCI253 12 Overhead projector, screen, whiteboard UBCO-OKMD R-RM SCI 253 University Relations
UNC321 8 Video Conference, whiteboard; Not available for external groups; Available only during work days UBCO-OKES R-RM UNC 321 Enrolment Services
UNC325A 14 Teleconference, Whiteboard, TV/Monitor with laptop connections UBCO-OKSO R-RM UNC 325A AVP Students
UNC334 24 LCD projector, screen, laptop connection, sound system (via laptop connection) UBCO-OKHC R-RM UNC 334 College of Graduate Studies