Informal learning space

Valuable learning often takes place through informal learning. The campus has a variety of informal learning and social spaces scattered around campus, indoors and out. This space is organic in the sense that it is self-organized and does not need to be booked.

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Administration Building (ADM)

  • ADM100 1st Floor Foyer
  • ADM116 / 121 Cafeteria / Sunroom
  • ADM Courtyard

Arts and Sciences Centre (ASC)

  • ASC Foyer
  • ASC281 Designated Graduate Study Space
  • ASC377 3rd Floor quiet area
  • ASC460 Graduate & Non-traditional Collegium

Arts Building (ART)

  • ART 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor foyers
  • ART139 1st Floor quiet study area
  • ART169 1st Floor quiet study area
  • ART237 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART251 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART265 2nd Floor quiet study area
  • ART302 3rd Floor quiet study area
  • ART364 3rd Floor quiet study area
  • ART Courtyard

Creative and Critical Studies Building (CCS)

  • CCS100T 1st Floor Foyer
  • CCS200T 2nd Floor Foyer
  • CCS281T 2nd Floor

Engineering, Management and Education Building (EME)

  • EME Foyer 05ABC “0” Level
  • EME Mezzanine “1” Level
  • EME Mezzanine 1030
  • EME Mezzanine 1030 Tower
  • EME0252 International Collegium
  • EME1040 Mezzanine level Corridor with seating
  • EME1256 Mezzanine level Hallway with seating
  • EME2020 Corridor with seating
  • EME2040 Corridor with seating
  • EME2160 Hallway with seating
  • EME2190 Cubicle area
  • EME3291 Graduate Student Lounge
  • EME 4th Floor seating
  • EME Courtyard
  • EME Amphitheater
  • EME Sidewalk upper and lower levels

Fipke Centre (FIP)

  • Fipke 1st Floor near Starbucks
  • Fipke 2nd Floor Mezzanine
  • FIP246 2nd Floor West Hallway
  • Fipke 3rd Floor Corridor
  • FIP328Z 3rd Floor Mezzanine

Gymnasium (GYM)

  • 1st and 2nd Floor foyers

Library Building (LIB)

  • LIB1st Floor with seating
  • LIB 2nd Floor with seating LIB206
  • LIB 2nd Floor cubicle seating

Science Building (SCI)

  • SCI 1st Floor foyer
  • SCI 1st Floor Atrium
  • SCI200T Hallway
  • SCI300Z Hallway
  • SCI342 Bubble

University Centre (UNC)

  • UNC 1st Floor Green Thread Seating
  • UNC210 Aboriginal Collegium
  • UNC207 Student Advising
  • UNC 3rd Floor near Health & Wellness
  • UNC335 Senior Collegium
  • UNC336 Junior Collegium
  • UNC Commons
  • UNC Amphitheatre