Safe Event Planning

Event organizers at UBC Okanagan have a duty to provide a safe, secure and respectful event environment for UBC community members and event attendees.

A safe event plan submission is required for all events that take place on campus. This ensures:

  • Visibility of all events and activities at any given time
  • Review of important event details and logistics to support your event’s success
  • Review of events that have the potential to interfere and pose a higher risk to the attendees and the university.


When to submit

Type of event Timeline for submission Approval required
Standard events/activities with no potential to interfere 14 days in advance No
Events/activities with the potential to interfere (fewer than 1,000 people) 30 days in advance Yes
Large-scale events/activities with the potential to interfere (more than 1,000 people) 90 days in advance Yes

These timelines allow time for sufficient review, follow-up and any additional planning to get needed measures in place. Submissions outside these timelines will still be considered but may affect the review and delivery of your event.


Note: UBCO Student Club and Course Union events must also obtain approval through the SUO’s event booking process.


Off-campus events

  • Academic or administrative unit events—a Safe Event Plan submission is not required.
  • UBCO Student Club and Course Union events—a Safe Event Plan submission is not needed but approval through the SUO’s event booking process is still required.

High-level review and potential to interfere

Campus Operations and Risk Management meets regularly to review submissions. The following guiding principles are used to assess an event’s potential to interfere:

  1. cause disruption to teaching, learning and research activities on campus
  2. put the university community and event attendees at risk

Event elements that trigger this high-level review include:

  • Gathering 1,000 people or more
  • Serving alcohol
  • Having amplified sound (PA system, DJ, live music)
  • Using a barbeque(s) or open flame
  • Hosting extreme sports
  • Location in a highly populated area or during a key or busy time (i.e. Convocation)
  • Having an environmental impact (i.e. potential damage to turf, garbage/waste, chemical release)
  • Including outside services, including food trucks
  • Inviting guest speakers (external to UBC)
  • Having temporary installations
  • Requiring traffic control or road closures
  • Requiring higher-level compliance and protocol, as required by university policy, City of Kelowna protocol, and/or BC Government protocol

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